About CMCH

The vision of CMCH is to
educate and empower both children and those who care for them to create and consume media in ways that optimize children’s health and development.

The mission of CMCH is to
conduct, coordinate and compile scientific research to improve the understanding of how media affect children’s health in positive and negative ways and provide evidence-based expertise to initiatives and programs that address children’s involvement with media.

At CMCH, we follow
an organization model built around Knowledge Building and Knowledge Translation. All of our projects fit into at least one of these categories.

At CMCH we are

applying the best of our innovation, discipline and expertise to explore the interface between the health of children and media

Objective: working scientifically to understand children’s interactions with media and find tools and techniques to improve their health as they grow, learn and develop

Collaborative: engaging all who shape the media experiences and health of children to work together toward compassionate outcomes

Empowering: activating children and their families to protect and promote their physical, mental and social health

At CMCH what we do is not just a job.
We are dedicated to maintaining an energetic, warm and engaging work environment that values the contribution of each team member, regardless of his or her position in the organization.

Creativity and brainstorming are central features of how we work. We bring in as many divergent perspectives as possible to whatever we do. We respect our staff’s personal needs as much as their professional development, because our ultimate goal is healthy people in healthy environments and because happy, undistracted people are able to give their best.

We are committed to being the kind of place where people want to work, because of the work we do, the way we do it and the people we do it with.

The work of CMCH is made possible by our generous donors:

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