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Author: Williams, Stephen; Williams, Lynda
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CMCH Synopsis: A group of teenagers and their parents were interviewed about cell phones, curfews and how these rules were made between parent and child. The authors found that parents were more willing to allow children more freedom if they had a cell phone. Teens were willing to put up with parents invading their space by calling any time they wanted in order to gain more freedom. Center on Media and Child Health
Year: 2005
Article Title: Space invaders: The negotiation of teenage boundaries through the mobile phone
Journal: Sociological Review
Volume: 53
Issue: 53
Pages: 314-331
ISSN: 0038-0261
Source of Funding: Funding Source Not Stated in Paper
Study Design: Correlational Study
Publication Type: Journal Article
Age Group: Adolescence (13-17 yrs), Adulthood (18 yrs & older)
Keywords: Adolescent Attitudes
Adolescent Development
Cell Phones
Communication Skills
Families and Family Life
Parent Attitudes
Parent Child Relations
Parents and Parenting
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