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Author: Schmidt, Marie Evans; Rich, Michael
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CMCH Synopsis: Media use is a huge concern for children and adolescents. Violence, obesity, substance abuse and sexual behavior are all pediatric health issues. Adolescents tend to turn to the media for guidance and information on health issues. Pediatricians need to be educated on ways to encourage parents and children to use media safely. They should make resources available to parents, check symptoms of risk behavior and act as role models for safe media use. Center on Media and Child Health
Year: 2006
Article Title: Media and child health: Pediatric care and anticipatory guidance for the information age
Journal: Pediatrics in Review
Volume: 27
Issue: 27
Pages: 289-297
ISSN: 0191-9601
Source of Funding: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Study Design: Review
Publication Type: Journal Article
Age Group:
Keywords: Adolescents
Media Diet
Media Literacy
Risk Factors
Sexual Behavior
Sexual Behavior (Media Content)
Violence (Media Content)



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