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“Young people spend more hours using media than they spend on any other activity except sleep. Used indiscriminately, media can harm. Used knowledgeably, they open endless possibilities for optimizing our children's potential."
- Dr. Michael Rich
Director, Center on Media and Child Health

Is your family prepared to make healthy choices in the ever-changing media environment? Do you have the facts you need to filter the favorable from the unfavorable influences for your children?

Join the CMCH Parent Network, receive monthly emails, and serve as the representative who will help keep your family, your organization, your school, or your community informed.

Our monthly emails will offer guidance from the leaders in the study of media and child health and explore the science behind the many ways media impact your child’s ability to learn, create, and grow up healthy.

We also want to hear from you. What media use inspires the most creativity in your children? What is your trick for getting your kids to turn off the TV after 30 minutes? How do you manage your teen’s video game time? Committed parents like you know how to manage real media challenges, and we want to pass on this wisdom to other families.

Please join us and start making a difference today!
Beth Karnes, CMCH Parent Network Chair

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The Center on Media and Child Health is a Resource You Can Trust. Committed to information accuracy, we conduct and compile scientific research, then translate it into useful resources for those who can help children have healthy interactions with media. The Center on Media and child Health is an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health and Children’s Hospital, Boston.

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