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Video games are making headlines with the release of new systems like Playstation3 and Wii. Every time new systems are released, kids beg their parents to purchase one. So how many kids actually play video games?

In 2005, the Kaiser Family Foundation asked kids ages 8-18 about the media in their homes. They found out:

  • 84% have video games in their houses
  • 49% have video game systems in their bedrooms
  • 55% own handheld video game players


Why are video games so popular?

We can see that video games are popular, but why do kids enjoy these games so much?

One reason is that video games provide people with a way to have adventures and experiences they may never have in real life. They can control a character's actions on screen, guiding them through levels until they have finished the game.

Another reason people like video games is that they are easy to learn and they are rewarded for their skills. As the player gets better at the game, they are rewarded by extra points, secret codes, and new levels.

On this website, you can learn what research has shown about these questions:


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